For this assignment we was set the task of spelling the alphabet using any real life object that looks like the letter. we was also asked to follow a theme, I chose to do nature. The reason I chose this was that I felt it would be more of a challenging theme than some others, as finding the letters would not be as obvious and at times would need to be carefully looked for and using different angles to capture the right shape to make the letter.

Something I found interesting from this is that even once I had completed the assignment I found myself still looking for objects that look like letters, and also my ability as a photographer getting better in spotting something that would make a interesting photograph.

Some of the photos where shot using my Nikon D3100, however we also found that a phone camera was just as useful as a majority of the shots where close ups. The collage was put together in photoshop, using guidelines to effectively set it out.

Below is my final collage of my alphabet.

My Alphabet.


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