For this assignment we was set the task of looking into David Hockney and also long and short exposure.

David Hockney has a variety of photo collages in which he breaks the image into small squares before re-structuring it, to give it a more abstract and interesting effect. After looking at some of his work I decided I would try it on a image of a Autumn tree as I felt the vibrant colours and scenery made it a interesting collage.

Below is my take on a David Hockney style collage next to a picture of the original image:

Original Autumn Tree mosaic

To do this I used photoshop CS5, and created a grid using a pattern pre-set I made before. After laying the grid over the image, I used the magic wand tool to select each square chunk and separate it from the original image into a new layer. After doing each square I moved them and lowered the opacity slightly to give a overlapping effect, I also added a slight drop shadow to make each square seem more individual and break up the image more.

Long Exposure: 

For this I thought I would first look at motion blur and take pictures experimenting with different lengths of exposure. At first I took photos of my friend playing football, and over exposed the photos to give a blur effect of him, as shown in the images below:

Long Exposure 2 Long Exposure

After this I started to move on from motion blur and look more into light as well, and particularly light painting. At first I was just moving the camera while exposing it while the lights where on and also having people move in the background, which is shown in the two images below.


After doing this I wanted to try light painting for myself, so I turned my room into a dark room and used pieces of different colour plastic over the torch on my phone to get different colours, I then started with trying to draw a stickman and also a tree, I then moved onto a house which proved to be a lot harder, as I had to cover the light and move the position to draw certain parts such as the windows. below shows my created images from doing this, after a few attempts on each:


Short Exposure:

As my final part of this task I looked at short exposure and capturing action shots, going back to the same area as capturing my friend playing football I asked him to repeat the same tricks but this time I captured them with a short exposure.



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