For this assignment we was taken back to the starting point of animation and moving image, directly looking at the Praxinoscope (SpinnerScope) to create a cycle themed animation, that we would then turn into a .gif using photoshop animation, how to do this we learnt in a photoshop workshop.

Praxinoscope (SpinnerScope).


As the theme was cycle I chose to look at the life cycle of a plant, creating this first in paper form and checking it worked in the Praxinoscope before then digitalising it as shown below.


After finishing this I then made a short flick book and then digitalised it as well, this was a un-realating theme but I felt it still turned out well.


For the next part of the task I looked at stop motion, and took a total of 22 images to create the animation, for this I used my Nikon D3100, and then combined them in photoshop, the images at first came out quite dark so I edited them to lighten the images. For this I looked at the cycle of ‘routine’ and peoples daily routine which for a lot of people involves a cup of tea, so I focused on this aspect. My final stop motion is shown below.



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