For this assignment we was all set a voice clip from which we had to do a 20 second typography animation. My voice clip I was set was a scene from The Wolf Of Wall Street, which I felt was a good clip and he raised his voice and lowered it a lot, making the typography more interesting and able to do more with the text. As this was my first time doing Motion Graphics of this sort (Typography) I found it quite challenging but I still enjoyed it and found it really interesting as I have looked at various other aspects of motion graphics.

To learn the basics of typography I looked at a variety of different youtube tutorials to get the general idea of how it was done, however I have used After effects CS6 in the past and was able to apply some of my knowledge to this. Below is a picture showing how I was using the sound waves to sync a lot of the text.

Screenshot (28)

Below is my final and finished typography.


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