The Brief firstly talks about choosing 1 of 3 different Titles each of which is for a infographic A2 Poster on visually communicating the data which is researched around the chosen title and using vectors to do so.

Out of the 3 titles I chose, ‘Who lives the longest correlated with average body mass.’ I initially chose this title as I thought it is interesting data sets to compare to one and another and can be very personal to the consumer of the poster. looking at it from a designer’s point of view as well, there would be a lot of different ways that the poster could be visually compelling to the audience its aimed at and can be made personal to the consumer through the imagery. The brief then goes on to say, ‘Visually compare life expectancy across a number of countries.’ This also was a reason for my choice as I fell comparing it across a set of countries give me a interesting way of mapping the data across the poster and making it more visually interesting.

The Brief also sets some pointers which can also be seen as targets, throughout my web-blog I will talk about how I feel I met these and the brief as a whole.

  • The use of the space of the poster as both representation of the data graphically;
  • The use of the A2 page as a whole or subdivided into parts e.g. framing content in ‘cells’ similar to storyboards;
  • How to display data across time or space;
  • How data be seen in two ways e.g. both the macro overview and the micro detail or with two different organisational criteria.



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