After collecting all the data that I would be using in the poster I next moved onto research into theories and looked at theorists on how to display the data visually.

Nathan Shedroff: Information interaction Design: A Unified Field Theory of Design (1999):

Nathan Shedroff focus’s on design and designing to reach the audience intended, looking at his theory, ‘Interaction Design,’ we see him talking about creating a story and telling it, this I feel is a theory which ties in nicely with the brief. The brief mentions the Macro overview, which is the consumer of my poster and how it relates to them as a whole. With my poster being on body mass, food consumption could be a great way of portraying the ideologies of the poster and reaching the target audience, while also telling a story to the audience and taking them on a sort narrative of their consumption and how it plays a part in the data. With this said I feel this is a great way to tie the theory to the brief.

Edward Tufte: Envisioning information (1990):

Briefly looking through Envisioning information, gave me many ideas on how I could display the data and which format (type of graph) would be best to use to show the data accurately but also ways in which I could incorporate the vector illustrations.

Isotype (Otto Neurath)/Pictogram:


Showing the data through Otto Neurath’s Isotype also known as Pictogram was something than initially stood out to me very quick, this is as it allows me a way of linking back to the interaction design of telling a story of the consumption. A example of this would be that I could create a burger and make a talley of them, each representing a certain amount, and the amount of them relating to the consumers consumption as a macro overview. The Micro detail would also be how the data can easily target the individual country.


Graphs and charts:

Next I looked at graphs and charts, the main one I felt I would be able to use is Bar charts as it is a means of displaying data accurately, and also a way of being able to use Vectors and incorporate them. With this I started to look into graphs and charts more and came across something that could be a problem, and that is Misleading graphs, and more to do with this idea ‘Improper Scaling.’

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 04.27.00

The image above shows improper scaling on both the left and right and the correct way in the middle, with this in mind it puts doubt in my mind when using vectors. This is largely because of the size of the paper, and that if using the middle picture the vectors will have to be really small to display all the countries data across the page and the detail may be lost.


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