After researching into ways of portraying the information I next went onto look at Infographic posters which have already been created to help draw inspiration for mine but also to see ways in which graphs and charts have been used to display information, and also other ways I could consider.

having it clear in my head now I want to use the poster to reach the consumer by relating it to them directly or by association of what they see, I liked the idea of fast food and the doors it opens in both the macro overview of reaching the consumer, but also the vectors it allows me to create and to make these directly impactiable on the audience.

So with this said below are some posters I found that I like that I feel help to reach the audience through a medium.


Each of the above posters have something I like about them that I feel have a great impact on the audience they are aimed at.

Straight away we see that each poster has imagery of fast food, and this has a big impact on the audience straight away in that they can relate that fast food is normally related to being overweight.

Next looking at the second poster, I like how they have used parts of the food and turned them into a form of graph or chart. Looking more at the burger and the chips and how they have been turned into bar charts, I think using this method could be very impactiable as the audience is looking at a product they relate to being fat and having the data portrayed to them using that image while subconsciously thinking about fast food and the connotations it carries.

Next I really like the 3rd poster layout of a menu. This is something that I am almost certain I will be using. The brief mentions subdividing the page up into cells, and a storyboard format and I feel using the idea of a menu can do exactly this. It also does not just help to meet the brief but it also helps to incorporate Nathan Sheroff’s theory mentioned earlier, in that I could use the grid as story board to tell a story to my audience about the consumption. The grid also gives me a way of setting out the page in a easy to follow layout for the audience.

After looking at these posters I began to create some starting design ideas for both the poster as a whole and the vectors that will be used to portray the information.

Photo 13-01-2016, 05 03 52 (1)

Above shows my drawings of both ideas for vectors which I am going to use and also it shows different ways in which I thought of how I could use the vectors to present the data.

After carefully considering each idea I have chosen to follow the idea of using the vectors as bar charts. This is because I feel that with the numeracies of the data being quite high, using the pictograms will take up to much space in the individual cells of the poster.  This is because as you can see from my drawing, of the layout of the poster it will be split into 10 cells and this will make the space in each limited. Using the vectors as bar charts also helps me to meet the brief, the brief talks about using space to as a reputation, and changing the size to use up more space does this. I also liked the idea of the hight of the fast food vector can relate to the consumption and as it goes from 1-10 in the countries, we will see the vector size get bigger with the data and this can correlate well with the consumption of that country.



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